Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

The construction industry can have a negative impact on the environment worldwide. This can be changed. The company can achieve this change through environmental management combined with project construction.

AKTOR has been implementing environmental management in the company and its projects since 2001 and has been verified according to the guidelines of the European Regulation EC EMAS III / EC 1221/2009 "Eco Management and Audit Scheme" since 2004, and is  the only Greek construction company certified by EMAS.

Apart from EMAS, the company has also been certified ISO 14001:2004 compiliant since 2004.

The prevention of the negative impacts of its construction activities on the environment, the contribution to society through employment, the pursuance of local and international issues through environmentally friendly / sustainable practices and initiatives and the maintenance of the company's path of sustainable development, constitute some of the structural components of AKTOR.

The current results of the company’s environmental project management over the past 15 years demonstrate AKTOR’s environmental responsibility and commitment to a future sustainable course.