• Being a highly diversified international company, focused on Construction of mainly Infrastructure and Building projects, Aktor is presently enhancing its role by securing a sustainable future development through continuous improvement of services. Aktor has taken up along with its subsidiaries, all the construction activities of Ellaktor Group and disposes significant profitability and steady annual cash flow generation from operating activities. It is the cornerstone of the Group's development, contributing substantially to all the new activities by providing highly talented and specialized expertise.

  • Aktor, through its subsidiaries, is offering integrated solutions in the areas of design, supply, construction and operation and maintenance of medium & large-scale Photovoltaic systems, acting as an EPC contractor, worldwide.
    Aktor is continuously developing and operating Power Stations from Renewable Energy Sources and has become one of the most successful local and international solar energy sector companies. We have successfully entered the energy market in the U.S.A, Panama and Chile, while being already active in Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania, having installed grid connected Power stations with a total capacity of more than 640 MW while Power projects of total capacity more than 100MWp are currently under construction.

  • The continuously increasing demand in minerals and metals by rapidly developing countries such as China, India and Russia and the perspective of exploiting the metal-rich territory of Greece and the greater Balkans' area led to Aktor's decision to enter the field of the mining industry. Aktor has the know-how, human resources and equipment required for engaging in such activities.

  • Having foreseen the high demand for aggregates, concrete and asphalt mixes generated by new constructions and project maintenance well in advance, Aktor entered this area of supporting activity early on, via its subsidiary Hellenic Quarries S.A. Aktor dynamically penetrated the market for aggregates and asphalt mixes as in many cases the productivity of its installations exceeds the company's and its subsidiaries' own immediate construction needs.

  • Aktor Facility Management (www.aktorfm.gr), is Ellaktor's group specialized company in offering high level Facility Management and Energy optimization services.
    The complexity of modern projects, the time in which they must become operational and the growing trend for greater private participation in project production and management led Aktor to offer fully combined services from design to maintenance and operation, through state-of-the-art equipment and specialized staff.

  • Aktor's range of integrated professional services, being vertically organized, offers a structured and controlled approach to construction project management, for the delivery of successful projects. We efficiently manage solutions during all stages of project development from inception to completion, from the planning and conceptual design to the detail design and construction stages, fulfilling cost, time and quality requirements.